Hudson SAFE is a non-profit organization of parents, community members and school officials whose purpose is to provide alcohol and drug free opportunities and events for Hudson youth. Our biggest event is the Senior All Night Party, a late night party held the night of graduation.

The Senior All Night Graduation Party is a lock-in celebration that is held the night of the graduation ceremony for all graduating seniors. For over 30 years, the Hudson community, the Hudson schools and parents have teamed together to help our graduates celebrate their big night in a safe, chemical free environment. The party includes games, prizes, music, food and many other fun activities. The event has been highly successful, with about 90% of the graduating class in attendance in a typical year.

What We've Achieved

  • Supporting the Senior Party since 1986.

  • Promoting in and out of school mental health education.

  • Sponsor of Movie Events including:



  • Bringing together community organizations and parents to help support students.